Why Water Conservation?

Iran climate is mostly arid and semiarid; it means that precipitation in Iran is lower than global average so the surface water and groundwater resources in Iran like as rivers, springs, wells and etc., are mostly under stress. The Civilizations had no choice in past other than compatibility with nature and innovation of sustainable solutions like Qanat. In other hand, our ancestors mannered respectfully with water resources and fully understand the value of water for life!

The water compatibility in Iran was continues until last decades that by development of new tools and technologies for water extraction from the aquifers also restricting the rivers by dams and other water structures, the environment sustainability also compatible water management was forgotten  and   replaced by consumerism and modern life style. By these new paradigms, water crises and stress were inevitable and lead to current situation which is shown at below picture.

Groundwater situation In Iran

So Balance between sources sustainability and withdraws was disappeared and agriculture section also industries and cities consumed water more than environment potentials and resiliency of nature.

Accumulative reducing trend of static groundwater resources in Iran

If current water withdraws and consumptions trend doesn’t change, no future for humanities and civilization in Iran could be imagine so we had to make wise synergic decision to conserve water and save it!

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