Evaluation system

Assess the effectiveness of the projects in different areas across the country, in the pilot phase and in the national phase of the project, is an important requirement while in the one hand, it identifies the strengths and weaknesses which provides the tips to fix them for next phases and on the other hand, gives administrators adequate justification for continuation or non-continuation of the project in next phases.

To achieve this aim, considered objective indicators of the project in each province were initially codified and based on that a standardized test that measures the knowledge and insight of audience. Reliability and validity of the test is confirmed and then it is performed as pretest in the beginning and posttest at the end of the project. Statistical analysis of the results of these two tests indicates the executive efficiency of the project.

Besides the scientific effectiveness of the project, executive efficiency in terms of schools, teachers and students involved in the project are measured. This executive efficiency randomly occurs through evaluation forms and also random visiting by local and national experts.


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