DANAB & Groundwater

Groundwater resources as a source of 55% water supply in agriculture activities, industrial water usage also drinking water play so important role in Iran. due to unsustainable withdraws and unbalanced pressure on aquifers, groundwater resources is faced crises and serious challenges which may lead to loosing these vital water resources forever!

Surface and groundwater consumption situation at different sectors

According to the formal results of the Iranian water supreme council, it is decided to approach groundwater rebalancing.

There for “Groundwater Rebalancing Plan”, is aimed to stop over-withdraws during 5 years (6th development programme) and then at next 20 years by compensate over-withdraws, provide natural balance to aquifers. The plan is consist of 15 projects which cover data processing, socio-cultural capacity building, control measures and countermeasures activities.

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